🔭 Research chest - April

List of resources, articles, core ideas that I had bumped into

1️⃣ Week 1


Recommendation systems

  • Basic structures: Matrix factorization and Softmax (more NN oriented)
  • ⭐ Build/manage big matrices avoiding memory error
    • Use sparse matrix, see this stackoverflow reply

2️⃣ Week 2


  • How transfer bought e-books from Amazon to a non-kindle e-reader (I have just bought a Kobo Libra h2o)
  • Completed So Good They Can’t ignore you - Amazon
    • Very compelling book and based on the idea of improving your skills instead of blindly follow a passion
    • Also here we can find the importance of Deliberate Practice
    • Introduce terms like career capital that I find myself reuse in my speaking
    • Highly recommended

Programming languages

Try to extract some pills of usages of some interesting languages

  • Scala
    • Since JVM based, run and can be used for almost everything
    • I had seen it at University, looks like a cool language
    • Lot of traction for a Data Engineer prospective
      • [unrelated] ⭐ Bonus tip: Databricks have a community edition free of charge - faq
  • Rust
    • Interesting Nature article:
      • “Why scientists are turning to Rust” - link
    • speed and safety
      • Yes, faster is better, but at what cost?
        • See this Pandas vs Rust article
        • [unrelated] ⭐ Bonus tip: able.bio website, in the registration form, you need to overwrite the html to register with email as proof you aren’t a bot

Machine learning

  • Train a model on AI Platform (GCP) - Here a repo with a good blueprint

Use less - full

  • Mechanical keyboard Anne Pro 2 QMK open source firmware

  • ProtonVPN

    • Have a Linux pc with protonvpn-cli CLI, wifi is connected but you cannot reach the internet?

      • Maybe is the VPN, with the Kill switch (although you have never enabled it and the vpn is turned off). Disable it with:

        $ protonvpn-cli ks --off 


  • After different tries and experiment, probably the only omni-comprehensive Windows and open source app to manage Git is Git Extension
  • Ignore the newline character (different between Linux and windows) on git CLI:
    • git config --global core.autocrlf true

3️⃣ Week 3


  • Completed “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!" (it, en)
    • Have a look inside the thoughts and the lifestyle of one of the smartest, sincere, and unique men of the century. A tribute to the absurdity of the canonical way of living.


  • Opyrator - FastAPI and streamlit joined in one framework